Windows Blue To Come Bundled With Tutorials And User Guides

Microsoft has promised to improve a lot of things with Windows Blue that were in need of a fix in the vanilla Windows 8, and one major complain was the lack of a guided tour or tutorials for users when the operating system was first installed.

The software titan has already confirmed that the immediate goal of Windows 8.1 (codename Windows Blue) is to provide a much more familiar working environment — particularly for novice users.

Now in addition to the return of the Start button, it appears that the company is also preparing some new tutorials to help users come to grips with the new OS.

A recently leaked screenshot that gave us our first look at the Reading List feature of the upcoming operating system also reveals that Redmond is ready to bundle in some new tutorials, guides, tips and tricks to make Windows Blue a much more appealing platform from the word go.

Obviously, along with these tutorials, Microsoft is also said to be working to introduce improved customization options for the Start screen, thereby allowing users to easily configure the new operating system according to their desire.

What is not clear is that how elaborate and interactive the tutorials will be — considering that Windows 98 and Windows XP came with pretty detailed ones — but this is a good start nevertheless.

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