Windows Blue To Feature Updated Search Options

The board is set. The pieces are moving. Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1, if you will) is getting nearer by the day. And the features of this upcoming OS update are also getting clearer.

One new feature of the first major Windows 8 refresh is very likely to bring is a better search tool, available via its integrated Search charm, obviously.

This was unearthed by Paul Thurrott of, who discovered that Windows Blue may include an updated search experience whereby the OS might search through files, settings and apps by default — without requiring users to manually choose the type of results they want.

Classic case of need and want, but I’ll take it.

In Windows 8, obviously, whenever a user performs a search, he or she is provided with a choice between three different main sections — namely apps, settings and files — to better filter the results that are provided.

Blue, however, will search through all these categories by default. Think along the lines of the built-in Spotlight tool on Mac OS X.

In case you were wondering, the search option is disabled in the leaked build of Windows Blue, so no way to tell for sure whether this tool will make it to the stable version of the new OS for sure.

But if it does, all the better — this clearly is quite a helpful change, after all.

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