Windows Blue — What else do you hope to see?

We know quite a bit about what Windows Blue brings to the table, but I have to admit that it is what we don’t know that I’m most intrigued about. Specifically, how Windows Phone will be changed with Blue and how Windows RT might evolve going forward.

Almost everything we know about Windows Blue either comes from rumor or for a 32-bit x86 build of Windows Blue. That means that we probably only have about half of the puzzle.

With that in mind, here are just a few of the things that I’d love to see in Windows Blue:

1) The end of Windows Phone Store – Do we really need to keep Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps totally separate anymore? Eventually I want to see both of these operating systems completely come together, but for now let’s take some baby steps. Having all apps under one roof is as good of a start as any – plus it would be nice to have the ability to run some Windows Phone apps on Blue – especially if they can be snapped and ran side-by-side with Windows modern apps.

2) Windows RT’s desktop completely revamped – The desktop doesn’t need to be there with Windows RT, especially on 7-inch and 8-inch devices, which I believe should be RT’s main form factor focus. While getting rid of the desktop won’t happen in Blue, we already know that Microsoft is adding new settings options to Windows Blue, here’s to hoping things go even further specifically for Windows RT.

3) An app store that works with Xbox – When the next Xbox arrives, it would be AWESOME if Windows Store works there as well. Obviously they might not be able to make all apps work, but even if there were specific cross-platform apps that worked with the next Xbox, that would be pretty exciting and would further help push Windows Store and Microsoft’s living room presence.

4) Desktop improvements – I appreciate that the Modern UI is the future, but there are still many of us that rock desktops and laptops. Hopefully the final version of Windows Blue (aka Windows 8.1) sees the addition of a few new desktop features that make transferring between the two Uis easier than it is now.

Are there more things I’d like to see in Windows Blue? Probably, but those are some of the biggest ideas that come to mind. Now it is your turn. In the comments below, share with us some of the things you hope that Windows Blue brings to the table, whether its for Windows 8 Blue, RT Blue, Phone Blue or Server.

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