Windows Blue Will Reportedly Feature More Bing Metro Apps

Over the past year or so, Microsoft has done a fine job in giving several of its products and services a Modern touch, with a lot of them getting dedicated Metro apps.

And judging by how things are shaping up, this trend looks set to continue in the next refresh of the OS.

The software titan will launch the public preview of Windows 8.1 next month, and along with several notable UI changes, it seems that the upcoming operating system will also bring more Metro apps, straight from Redmond.

Mary Jo Foley, citing insiders, says that the Bing division is currently hard at work on several new Metro apps for Windows 8.1, though she has not provided any detailed specifics just yet.

A few of these apps have already been spotted in the various leaked builds of Windows Blue, including the Alarms and Sound Recorder applications. There is a fair chance that we will get several other exciting Metro tools by the time the new operating system hits general availability.

Bing will also handle the search capabilities of the Windows Store, as the software titan is planning to totally revamp the search features that are integrated in Windows Blue. Users could get the option of searching the web straight from the Start Screen using these integrated Bing features.

Search, it seems, has taken a special preference for Microsoft, as it looks to streamline the process as much as it can in its upcoming operating system.

While there is a distinct possibility that other search engines will also be available for users to choose from, Bing looks set to take center stage in Windows Blue. What are your thoughts on this new development? Sound off in the comments section below.

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