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windows Core OS

Windows Core OS Legacy Support

Windows Core OS will support legacy Win32 programs only when it makes sense.

Windows Core OS, out of the box, will not ship with any of the legacy Win32 programs you find on Windows 10 today. Many of them will be made available as optional features that you can either enable from Settings or download from the Microsoft Store. Things like the legacy Control Panel or File Explorer won’t be part of Windows Core OS, however.

Is Windows Core OS a Windows 10 upgrade?

No. Windows Core OS will be designated for new device experiences only.

The Windows 10 we know today (Windows Classic) will continue to be an option for users who want the fun functionality of Windows we use today.

Windows Classic will still be updated with new features and remain on par with Core OS.

Is Windows Core OS the end of Windows 10?

Windows 10 as you know it today is being positioned as the power version of Windows. Windows Core OS devices will be for new device and for consumers or businesses who don’t need everything Windows 10 today has to offer. Windows Core OS will be positioned as offering powerful but simple experiences for those who prefer something like iOS or Chrome OS as opposed to fully featured like Windows 10 is today.

There is speculation that over time, Windows 10 will become the option for power-users, enterprises, and gamers, and Windows Core OS will become the option for everyone else.

Both Windows Classic (Windows 10) and Windows Core OS will continue to get updates from Microsoft.

An interesting Windows Core OS video


So to sum this up, Windows Core OS is the future of Operating Systems for Microsoft.

  • It’s not an upgrade for Windows 10 devices.
  • Its higher performance and modular
  • Allows for faster updates
  • Allows Microsoft to quickly deploy versions of Windows for new form factors
  • Saves Microsoft time and money
  • It allows Microsoft to be super efficient with Windows in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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