Windows Data Recovery- Fix the Blue Screen of Death in Windows 7

Windows 7 is the recent launch of a series of operating systems based graphical user interfaces, developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. Increasingly upgrading to Microsoft Windows 7 to take advantage of advanced features and improved. But before you upgrade to Windows 7, you should know that this system can provide some critical situations that can lead to data loss. In these cases, you need Windows Data Recovery to recover your precious data.

It was noted that when users install the latest security updates on their computers based on Microsoft Windows 7, the critical problems can occur. The issue is known as the BSOD (Black Screen of Death) that affected systems are left with blank black screen and no error message about it. You can also run into a crash at the same time. The symptoms of this problem is very weired. You can not see the icons on the desktop, taskbar, Sidebar, and the system tray.

Early reports said that the problem may be caused by some updates and fixes security, which changed its authorization in the Windows registry. But later, Microsoft has confirmed that no recent updates related to this subject.

In addition to Microsoft Windows 7, the problem is also found in Windows Vista and Windows XP.


The presumed cause of this problem is a malware infection. Malicious software can enter your system through external drives, Internet, and even the network.

Malware (or malware) is software that damage or infiltrate a computer. They can also damage the computer’s file system and hard drive, causing serious loss of data. In this case, Windows Partition Recovery is to get valuable information back.


To Fix Black Screen of Death problem in Microsoft Windows 7, you must reinstall your operating system. reinstallation of the operating system needs to format your primary partition and delete all the data it contains. The situation may become critical if you have not partitioned the disk.

In all these cases, the Windows data recovery come to save. These third-party applications are powerful and effective, which recovers lost data safely. Windows recovery tools are very easy to use and make a full recovery.



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