Windows Defender ATP For Fall Creators Update Now In Preview

One of the most compelling new features that Microsoft is working on for Windows 10 is Windows Defender ATP, Advanced Threat Protection for short.

This new addition has been designed to streamline security for users, and the Redmond based technology company has extensively detailed many of the options that are available for Windows Defender ATP.

And now, the company has announced that the public preview is now available for Windows Defender ATP in the Fall Creators Update.

It also detailed many of the improvements in the service that are coming in this next feature update for Windows 10, on track to be generally available October 17.

For starters, this new version of the service brings along a centralized and simplified management experience in the System Center Configuration Manager. It basically combines various security features under one panel.

Security features like Endpoint Detection and Response, Windows Defender Antivirus, Windows Defender Firewall, Windows Defender SmartScreen, Windows Defender Device Guard, and Windows Defender Exploit Guard.


Microsoft has also included a new Security Analytics dashboard that compares the security of your organization against what is called the Windows recommended baseline. The idea here is to show users potential vulnerabilities and how they can act to prevent them.

Speaking of companies, they will now also be able to create customized reports using Power BI, which Redmond says will allows them to interactively analyze machines, alerts and investigation status. Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Server 2016 is also on the horizon.

You can try out Windows Defender ATP, via a 90-day free trial that you can access here.

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