Windows Defender ATP Gets AI Based Automated Threat Responses

AI is taking over the world! Microsoft launched its Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection solution last year, providing enterprise customers with a powerful new tool.

One that they can uses to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks on their networks.

It was very well received, and several organizations deployed it to up the security measures on their setups. Now, with the Fall Creators Update in sight, Microsoft has detailed how it is further improving Windows Defender ATP with new prevention capabilities.

Central to this is the recent Redmond acquisition of security automation company Hexadite, which the software titan will use to add another important piece to the puzzle.

Microsoft talked about this:

“We are happy to announce we have successfully integrated Hexadite’s innovative security automation technology into Windows Defender ATP. This enables Windows Defender ATP customers to leverage state of the art AI technology to solve their alert volume challenges by letting Windows Defender ATP automatically investigate alerts, apply artificial intelligence to determine whether a threat is real and to determine what action to take, going from alert to remediation in minutes at scale.”

Want to see how this new security automation technology improves Windows Defender ATP?

Watch it in action in this video below:

Pretty solid stuff.

Things are not yet in place, yet, however.

Microsoft says that these new automated response capabilities for Windows Defender ATP will only be available in preview later this year. Once they arrive, though, they will enable the security solution to cover the end-to-end threat lifecycle from detection to investigation and response automatically.

Who would have thought that a few years back, when Windows Defender was thought to just be a baseline defense against threats!

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