Windows Defender Tops Antivirus Test

The default, baseline security built into Windows 10 may now just be good enough for everybody. Windows Defender has just become one of the best antivirus applications out there.

And it is a now a leading security solution as revealed by security researchers over at AV-TEST, and independent German institute that regularly test antivirus and antimalware programs both for home and business users.

Well, as things stand, Microsoft probably never went in with a primary objective to build an advanced software solution to block malware and cyberattacks.

But it just may have done that.

Thanks to all the efforts and improvement the software titan has built into Windows Defender lately, the default Windows 10 antivirus has taken some major steps forward towards becoming a really powerful, really capable defense against threats.

As the images below show, Windows Defender was awarded with a final score of 18 points in the latest antivirus tests, receiving a maximum of 6 points for protection, performance and usability.

This puts it in great company — alongside programs like F-Secure SAFE, Kaspersky Internet Security and Symantec Norton Security.

These are the only three other security solutions that reached the top score, the maximum points.

Windows Defender is offered as a native antivirus on Windows 10. Not only does it play nicely with other security programs, it also serves as a core protection module of a more advanced security hub integrated into the operating system.

Windows Security groups a rich security arsenal that includes virus and threat protection, account safety, device security, firewall, performance and health, as well as parental controls.

No wonder Windows Defender is now a top choice.

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