Windows Device Portal Getting A Bunch Of New Tools

You may or may not be aware of the Windows Device Portal. This useful little tool is designed to allow you to remotely manage and configure your devices over a network or a USB connection.

Already quite a capable solution, the Portal is set for a refresh with the upcoming Fall Creators Update.

Microsoft detailed the new features and options that will soon be part of this utility in the next major refresh of its operating system

For starters, developers will now be able to test the global features of their apps manually setting it to a region of their choice. This can be done Microsoft Edge, as well, meaning web developers will also be able to test their webpages in the web browser.

Goes without saying that the tool does not change the locale of your PC, meaning apps that do not use the Windows API will not see the change at all. Understandably.

Redmond is also giving the USB Diagnostics tool a look, and plans to make it usable within the Device Portal. This will provide providing extra flexibility to developers that have a use for this function.

Speaking of functions, the software titan also has whole suite of tools in store for this refresh. Tools that are sure to help developers that are building Mixed Reality apps. A framerate counter is incoming, as is a 3D view.

They will also be able to quickly launch apps in Mixed Reality when an immersive headset is connected.

Another new addition is the App Model that can be used to test UWP apps that utilize the streaming feature was announced for the Creators Update.

Overall, a whole bunch of really useful additions that developers will be able to play with, as soon as the Fall Creators Update launches in a couple of months from now. For the time being, Microsoft is seeking feedback on these new features.

Which you can provide on the dedicated UserVoice website.

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