Windows Embedded 8 Industry Official Launched

While consumer platforms remain the primary focus of Microsoft, businesses and enterprises are not far from the picture either. Linux and its variants may have found raging success in a lot of industry sectors, but Microsoft continues its quest to offer a streamlined selection of Windows OSes.

It was not very long ago that the final version of Windows 8 Embedded saw daylight. And as mentioned then, the Windows 8 Embedded 8 Industry SKU had been bumped up for release in April.

Microsoft made the official announcement in a post on MSDN:

“Windows Embedded 8 Industry provides a fixed-image OS that is especially suited to power industry devices, control panels, kiosks, and yes, POS terminals. It provides a single image with lockdown features and embedded enhancements that will make the next generation of industry devices smarter, better connected, more secure, and more user friendly.”

In case you were wondering, the standard version of Windows Embedded 8 Industry Pro (whoa!) is targeted for deployment in ATMs and devices made for healthcare and manufacturing businesses.

On the other hand, the Retail SKU of Windows Embedded 8 Industry Pro is designed for use in terminals like kiosks, scanners and more.

But that’s not all — Microsoft also intends to launch a third SKU in July. The Windows Embedded 8 Industry Enterprise is tailor made for devices that link up to Microsoft’s Windows 8 Enterprise OS.

Yup, it’s a whole ecosystem out there for operating systems. Don’t be surprised to find Microsoft’s embedded line up of operating systems in your local grocery store of medical office.

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