Windows Embedded 8 Standard Preview Now Available

done yet. The Redmond giant has now unveiled that they plan to launch several versions of Windows Embedded 8 OS. They have also announced that the preview version of Windows Embedded 8 Standard is now ready for your downloading pleasure. The final version of Standard will arrive in March 2013, with Windows 8 Embedded Pro arriving as well. Final version of industry and handheld ports of Windows Embedded 8 will launch in January. Last but not least, in 2nd quarter of 2013 Microsoft will release Windows Embedded Compact 2013. For those that don’t know, Microsoft’s Embedded OS helps drive things like medical equipment, in-car system, point-of-sale computers, digital equipment, handheld inventory computers, and more. So that’s how many versions of Windows Embedded?:

  • Windows Embedded 8 Standard
  • Windows Embedded 8 Pro
  • Windows Embedded 8 Compact
  • Windows Embedded 8 Automotive (no release date announced yet)
This news probably won’t affect too many of you directly, but it can certainly affect some of the everyday smart equipment you use going forward— even if you don’t know that Windows technology is really under the hood. If you are a developer/business user that wants to give the Embedded technology for a spin, Microsoft has the details on what it takes to qualify for a preview copy (via the source link). [ source ]]]>

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