Windows file Synchronization

Backing up files has turned out to be important and finding ways to synchronise a lot of files is a bit difficult. Those who use Windows can make use of various in built and softwares that can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website for Windows file synchronisation.


Briefcase is a tool that is included in all Windows versions from XP and allows sharing of files between two different computers that are connected by physical means or through a network. A briefcase can be created by selecting briefcase from the “New” in the right click menu in the location where you need the briefcase to be. After it is created, you can add the files and folders that you want to transfer to the briefcase and then you have to set the permission to “sharing”. After this, the briefcase on the whole can be transferred to the external secondary computer. Changes can be made to the files in the briefcase from the primary or the secondary computers.

Sync Toy

Sync Toy is a free too for Windows file synchronisation that can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website and is supported by Windows Xp and its successors. This tool allows the synchronisation of different folders on a system and also computers on a network. The program has to be downloaded and installed on the systems that take part in synchronisation. The tool features a “left” and a “right” side. Left side shows the files on your computer and the right side shows the files on the system you want to synchronise with. Windows file synchronisation can take place in any direction. The program has a run button which can be4 used to initiate the process of synchronisation.

Windows Live Sync

Windows Live Sync is a tool that allows the transfer of files between two different computers and is totally free to use. This works on both computer running Windows and Mac. This tool has two segments. One of these is the software part and needs to be installed on the computer for synchronising files. The other is a website segment through which the syncing takes place. The tool allows you to transfer the files to a remote server and when the computer to which you want to transfer the files is connected to the web, the files are automatically downloaded to it. When using the tool, the person needs to log into the website. A folder can be created for syncing files to a secondary computer and whenever files are added to this, it gets downloaded to the other computer.

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