Windows Gains Ground In Education

The education sector has always been a mainstay for Microsoft, but over the years devices like the iPad and Chromebooks have wrestled away market share from Windows.

But luckily, things are now back on track.

FutureSource Consulting is here with a fresh new report on the state of this side of the market, revealing that the Windows platform continues to gain traction among low cost devices.

In fact, the global share of the operating system in the sub $300 category grew by a healthy 11% YoY in the second quarter. Shipment of Windows powered devices hit 75% growth, as Redmond worked to promote partner devices that closed the gap between the competition.

Windows hardware meant for education was available for as low as $189, which played a major role against the assault by Chrome OS devices.

Here’s a chart that paints a picture:

FutureSource Education H1 2018

Speaking of the competition, though, the Chromebook platform continued to grow its presence, both in the United States and overseas. US numbers make up 89% of the global sales of these devices, yet at the same time Chromebook shipments in European schools increased more than 50% YoY.

That is, in the second quarter of 2018.

FutureSource predicts that the demand for computing systems in the education sector will continue to increase this year and in 2019, meaning the competition between Windows and Chrome in this segment is expected to escalate.

It’s already a bit of a battlefield for Microsoft, if you take a look at the US side of the graph above, but at least the company is well prepared for the fight.

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