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And, we’re a go! Microsoft has announced that the Windows Insider Program has now switched to channels, with the change set to take effect over the next few hours.

No action is required from your end, if you are part of the preview program, as these channels are simply a renaming of the rings that Insiders could enroll themselves in. Technically, these new channels are just branches, just like the rings.

The company confirmed the shift for Insiders:

Just as a reminder, the Windows Insider Program now has three channels that line up with the rest of Microsoft’s products and preview programs.

These include Dev, Beta, and Release Preview.

The Dev channel is best for highly technical and knowledgably users that want in on the latest builds as early as possible in the development cycle. It replaces the Fast and Skip Ahead rings, and is what you need to be on if you want to gain access to the newest code.

Then there is the Beta channel that is meant for early adopters, whereby builds are tied to a specific upcoming Windows 10 release. These preview builds are reliable and stable, validated by Microsoft, just like it used to do in the Slow ring.

And finally, we have the Release Preview channel that is for those of you who want the most stable Windows 10 experience. This used to be the Release Preview ring, and you will see builds land in this channel closer at a much slower pace, closer to when a Windows 10 update is ready for launch.

Be sure to keep an eye on your Windows Insider setting, and see this change happen.

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