Windows Lite May Not Even Be Called Windows

Looks like Microsoft is aiming big! The company is said to be working on Windows Lite, an operating system that it hopes takes the fight to the Chrome OS platform.

Redmond has toyed around with the idea of a lighter operating system for a while now.

First with Windows RT and then with Windows 10 S.

However, since its release, Windows 10 S became Windows 10 in S Mode, allowing users to choose between increased performance and security of this new flavor and the freedom of the full version of Windows 10.

Apparently, the reasoning behind this quick change was to help lay the groundwork for the destined arrival of Windows Lite.

Because as reported by Brad Sams, this fresh new variant of Windows will be based on the widely rumored Windows Core OS — an ambitious project that the Redmond based technology giant has been working on for quite some time now.

Lite basically only runs UWP and PWA apps from the Microsoft Store, and strips down even more legacy components form the operating system. On top of that light and breezy feel, this version also reportedly comes with instant-on and always-connected capabilities.

Microsoft, obviously, also wants to make sure that this OS also runs on different chipset architectures like ARM, which has in recent times become a heavy focus for Windows maker.

Getting back to the branding though, dropping the name will help sell this new variant of Windows as something new. Plus, it will also play an important role in adjusting the consumer expectations, as many legacy components will not be present.

Important, as this version will not be aimed at business environments, and even users will not be able to buy it directly. Only OEMs will be able to include Windows Lite in their machines.

One thing worth a mention is that this is still unconfirmed information, and a lot could change dramatically in the future.

Speaking of, Microsoft is expected to talk about this new vision for Windows at BUILD next year.

So, we are sure to gain a few more insights into what the company is actually planning and the angle it is going for with this grand and largescale endeavor at that event.

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