Windows Lite May Not Even Have Live Tiles

Is this the beginning of the end for live tiles? We have some new intelligence that Microsoft wants to get rid of live tiles for Windows Lite, and instead go with a static Start Menu.

News has been slowly trickling out for this new version of the operating system that is in development behind closed doors at Redmond.

And by the looks of things, this slimmed down variant of Windows 10 will align with what customers expect from an operating system that is supposed to compete with Chrome OS. In other words, simplicity of use and simplicity of features.

That is why this analysis of live tiles reveals that Windows Lite may come with a Start Menu reminiscent of the good old Start Menu in Windows 7.

It would only use icons, similar to iOS, Android, and Chrome OS.

Of course, the only reason things have come to this is because live tiles have not exactly been adopted by app developers. Many of the applications and games published in the Microsoft Store do not come with this functionality, while a few only offer basic live tile features.

Meaning, despite being praised by users, this unique side of the operating system never really took off.

That said, there is another angle to this.

Windows Lite is supposed to be an evolved version of Windows RT and the more recent Windows 10 in S Mode, in that it would technically only allow apps from the Microsoft Store and not feature any Win32 components for those classic desktop software programs.

Giving live tiles the ax on this flavor of Windows not only sounds a little strange, but also shows that they aren’t exactly part of the long-term vision for Microsoft.

Sad as it sounds.

Bear in mind, this is only an early rumor right now, with no clear indication that the Windows 10 Start Menu will actually get the same treatment. Still, it’s reason enough to be concerned.

Live tiles were, and are, one of the more distinctly unique features of the Windows 10 platform.


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