Windows Media Player Bug Strikes Windows 10

Watching Movie On Laptop

Is there no end to this? Windows 10 has had plenty of problems so far, but a Windows Media Player issue is perhaps the last thing people expected.

The arrival of the newly rereleased October 2018 Update for the operating system is filled to the brim with compatibility problems, and Microsoft has put in place several upgrade blocks that surfaced after the rollout resumed.

However, as the company notes on its support website, a peculiar little issue is plaguing users that have deployed this latest refresh to the OS.

An issue that affects Windows Media Player, where the Seek Bar may not work properly when playing specific files. The software titan has not detailed this in depth, but did say that it will provide a fix in an upcoming release.

Which, in other words, means a cumulative update that may go live soon.

The good thing is that users have a number of really good alternative solutions available in the meantime — apps like Movies & TV and VLC Media Player have all it takes to stand in for the classic media playing program.

Until the wizards over at Redmond get around to fixing the issue.

It is for reasons like this that a bug dashboard makes a world of sense for Windows 10. Good thing that the company has outlined plans to create one, even if we may only get to see it sometimes next year.

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