Windows Metro to be called Microsoft Design Language?

Microsoft Design Style” started to float around. So what’s the name? We might finally know, thanks to the upcoming Build conference. The new build page has referenced at least a few times to what is now called the Microsoft Design Language. It turns out that the latest “Microsoft Design Style” name was pretty much right on the money. While it is still isn’t 100 percent confirmed, odds are that Metro is now the Microsoft Design Language. Build 2012 starts today and our own Onuora Amobi will be there, so I’m sure we will learn more later. Keep in mind that “Microsoft Design Language” is probably going to turn out to be the official name for app development, but don’t confuse that with the name for the new UI. The UI was previously also refered to as Metro– these days it is simply the Windows 8 UI or Start Screen UI, or even the modern UI… whatever you want to call it. In most of my articles going forward I generally refer to it as the Start Screen or Start Screen UI. Anyhow- what do you think of the name “Microsoft Design Language”, while not as flashy or cool as calling it Metro, I suppose it is more direct and to the point. We’ll know for sure if this name is sticking soon enough. [ source ]]]>

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