Windows Mixed Reality Headsets Will Also Go On Sale On October 17

We finally have a specific launch date! The Windows Mixed Reality headsets have been in the news for all the right reasons lately, with several companies showing off their finished goods.

More specifically, Dell, ASUS and Lenovo, all three of which unveiled their headsets at IFA 2017.

Fascinating as these devices are, we did not actually get a confirmation when exactly they would be available for purchase. Dell said that it planned to launch the Visor in the coming months, ASUS is targeting next spring, while only ASUS specified an October availability.

Anyway, not to worry, because we know now the exact date.

Microsoft, in officially confirming the release date of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update at its briefing at the event earlier today, also took the opportunity to confirm that these Windows Mixed Reality headsets will become available on the same date.

October 17, that is to say.

Right now, only the Dell Visor is confirmed to be coming on October 17, but the Lenovo Explorer should not be too far off. We can also expect other companies like HP and Acer, both of which are already selling their developer edition headsets, to start retailing theirs soon after.

With a starting price of $299, and the ability to run on integrated graphics, these headsets provide a much lower barrier to entry in the enticing field of virtual reality than other headsets available on the PC like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Whether they are enticing enough for buyers will soon be evident.

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