Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is here

  • HTC Radar
  • HTC Titan
  • Samsung Focus S
  • Samsung Focus Flash
  • Samsung Omnia W
  • Nokia “Sea Ray”
  • Acer W4
  • ZTE Tania
  • Changes that can be found in Mango
    • HTML5 and hardware accelerated browsing
    • Bing Scout, Bing Vision and Bing Audio are now all available.
    • Multitasking across the phone OS
    • Developers now able to target new forward facing camera hardware to create video calling applications
    • My Windows Phone: a Find my Phone client that you’ll be able to access from the web. You can find the phone on a map, ring it, lock it, and perform a remote wipe if needs be.
    • Alarms and reminders can now be integrated with apps for improved third-party notifications.
    • Power off screen gives you a “slide down to power off” option, instead of directly shutting off.
    • Third parties will be able to download files from the web.
    • The camera will have an option to turn off the shutter sound.
    • Battery saver, found in the settings, will shut off email and background apps when you’re getting extremely low on juice. These services will be resumed once your phone’s on the charger again. This setting will also give you a current battery status indicator and anticipated amount of time remaining before the device powers off.
    • Custom ringtones will be a reality with Mango. It wasn’t available for us to test, but the Zune desktop client will be able to crop non-DRM music tracks in your collection and convert them into your own Windows Phone ringtones.
    New or changed settings
    • WiFi: Support for hidden SSID networks will now be included.
    • Keyboard: adds more supported keyboard languages, including East Asian such as Japanese and Chinese (with handwriting support).
    • Ease of access: adds speech for phone accessibility option.
    • Speech: adds option to read aloud incoming text messages, and changes audio confirmations to a toggle switch.
    • Background tasks: brand new setting that will let you choose which apps can run in the background.
    • Games: added options to sync game requests and show game alerts.
    • Music+video: Now gives option to only download new podcast episodes over WiFi to save from excessive data use on 3G.
    • Search: Adds options to send location info for Microsoft Tags, allow search button access from the lock screen, and allow Microsoft to store and use images from Vision searches (presumably in Bing?).
    Here are some videos from Engadget that can speak more to the new Mango Update Social Network Integration Multi Tasking Maps ]]>

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