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Windows Phone 7.8 is almost here

main focus in the Windows smartphone world but let’s not forget about Windows Phone 7.8. For those of you who jumped head first into the world of Windows Phone, it was somewhat disappointing to learn that Microsoft wasn’t allowing any Windows Phone 7.x devices to make the upgrade to the newest OS. Luckily, Windows Phone 7.8 helps fill in some of the feature gap between Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. So what’s coming with Windows Phone 7.8? According to Microsoft Italy, we should be seeing Rooms, calendar sharing, the new WP8-style start screen and a whole lot more. The roll-out is supposed to start very soon. For those that were hoping to ditch the dead/dying Zune software with Windows Phone 7.8, bad news here, Windows Phone 7.8 still uses this software. Apparently you also won’t get the full Xbox Music and Video apps with 7.8. This isn’t necessarily ALL the features in Windows Phone 7.8, just everything we know of so far. Are you someone with a Windows Phone 7.x device? Do you think you’ll be satisfied with Windows Phone 7.8 or will you jump to Windows Phone 8 or another platform as soon as possible? [ source ]]]>

Written by Andrew Grush


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