Windows Phone 8.1 Going Through Internal Testing At Microsoft

Even though its development seems to have skipped a few beats, Microsoft is currently hard at work on Windows Phone 8.1, the next major refresh of Windows Phone.

Codenamed Windows Phone Blue, this new upgrade to the company’s mobile platform is supposedly set to land on devices as Windows Phone 8.1. And just like other versions of Windows, this upgrade was said to arrive at the same time as the upgrades to the desktop and server versions of the OS.

But the due to some unforeseen delays to the GDR2 and GDR3 versions of Windows Phone, this particular version had to pushed back by a few months.

Nevertheless, Redmond is reportedly well underway with the development of Windows Phone 8.1, and the latest on the matter is that it has already started to test it internally.

As WPCentral reports, this new version of the upcoming mobile operating system is said to feature build number 8.10.12166.0 — though other builds have also been recently sighted, like 8.10.12076, 8.10.12166, 8.10.12073 and so on.

It seems that a Chinese developer has spotted this particular version number in their application, which according to WPDang quite possibly means that someone at Microsoft may have downloaded it on a device that was running an early build of Windows Phone 8.1.

As far this refresh of the mobile operating system is concerned, few details known at the moment.

Similarly, there is no information on when the upgrade might start to arrive on devices, though it seems that there is every chance that we may not see it before early 2014. For now, the Windows Phone community will have to settle with whatever goodies GDR3 brings later this year.

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