Windows Phone 8.1 Roll Out Begins June, Microsoft Confirms

page on Redmond’s support site confirms that the much anticipated process of the roll out of Windows Phone 8.1 begins next month. The software titan plans to start the lifecycle on June 24, and incremental updates will keep on arriving on compatible handsets for the next three years. Having said that, network providers will have the final say in when Windows 8.1 arrives:

“Microsoft states that your network provider and manufacturer have control over who receives 8.1, and update availability will depend on your hardware capability and country.”
And although it is estimated that around a million or more have updated to the developer preview release of Windows 8.1, the absolute majority of the user base, obviously, did not. This has got to do with the fact that such a procedure voids the warranty of many network providers, and not just that, it is also not possible to roll back the update to Windows Phone 8. Plus, any bugs that might be present in the developer preview release. Nevertheless, the wait seems to be over, and we are soon to arrive in the Age of Windows Phone 8.1.]]>

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