Windows Phone 8 build number 8.0.9662.0 prototype spotted?

Ubergizmo. Apparently an  early build of Windows Phone 8 may have been spotted. The image shows a build with the number 8.0.9662.0 recorded in a social networking app and is visible under the device statistics sections. from the article:

Windows Phone 8 is tipped to arrive sometime later this year, with a summer announcement widely anticipated by the rest of the industry. It is said to offer dual core CPU support, additional display resolutions, and NFC capability among other features. Word on the street has it that Windows Phone 8 has already begun internal testing at Microsoft from March 30th onwards, so what you see above might very well be the real deal.
I am actually excited about Windows Phone 8. Done properly, it will offer Microsoft the opportunity to complete the unification of the Windows platform. What do you think? Is it Real or fake or do you not really care?]]>

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