Windows Phone 8 coming to Sprint soon?

While there are still several minor carriers that haven’t made the jump to Windows Phone 8 handsets yet, Sprint is the only one of the big dogs without an Nokia or HTC WP8 phone to call their own.

Back in November we received official word from Sprint via a PC Mag interview that they would in fact offer future WP8 handsets sometime in the near future. So when is that? Soon, from the sounds of it.

A new product support page has arrived on Sprint’s site for Windows Phone 8, and simply states “Windows Phone 8 is coming soon!” Though this doesn’t give us any specifics, it is still a positive sign. Odds are, we will hear more at CES over the next few days.

Now the big question is which handsets and brands will make it over to Sprint. HTC was the only phone maker that had a Sprint Windows Phone 7 device, so this is certainly a possibility. On the other hand, HTC’s handset wasn’t exactly a massive success for Sprint.

Then there is Samsung, Nokia and Huawei, the last of which is said to be showing off hardware at CES for sure. Without any real word from Sprint, it’s all just speculation at this point.

Are you a Sprint customer? With this news, will you consider moving to Windows Phone 8?

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