Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Said To Fix The Other Storage Bug

While the slow update pace of the Windows Phone platform, well Windows Phone 8 actually, leaves a bit to be desired, Microsoft does indeed have enough on its plate when it comes to testing the planned updates on various devices.

Windows Phone 8 GDR2, for instance, has just started to roll out on some select few unlocked devices, but all customers should be getting this new update soon enough.

But the good news is that the strange little storage bug in Windows Phone 8 is finally nailed.

The issue was found a while ago, whereby the operating system suffered from a strange problem that resulted in a phone’s internal memory being eaten up by the cached data — from email, videos, documents, images, browser files, games, and whatnot.

Now it appears that an upcoming OS upgrade will resolve this pesky little problem for good.

The information comes straight from Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore who posted on Twitter that:

“Don’t worry: non-deleted large files (XAPs, eg) that caused ‘other’ storage issues were fixed in GDR2. on all 1020s.”

In fact, the latest smartphones powered by Microsoft’s mobile platform like the Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 (both of which are powered by Windows Phone 8 General Distribution Release 2) are said to be no longer affected by this bug.

And this essentially means that the problem will soon be resolved on all other Windows Phone 8 handsets as soon as the GDR2 update is applied. Nokia and other Windows Phone partners are currently said to be testing the update, and it is expected to go live around the world starting next month.

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