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Windows Phone 8 is coming

  • For the first time Windows Phone will share the same kernel as Windows on the desktop, phone and tablets. This is huge because it makes things so much easier for developers and consumers. For developers they can basically write one app for all platforms with little change. For consumers this meas you can download one app for all platforms.
  • There will be a new start screen for Windows Phone 8. The tiles now can span 3 sizes from a small box to a regular sized box tile to a rectangular tile that takes up 2 tile spots. This is great because tiles that are important to you can be made larger while tiles that may not be live or have limited information you can make smaller.
  • Multi-core support is coming to Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 7 is quick on single core, Windows Phone 8 should fly on a multi-core phone.
  • Micro-SD support is finally making it to Windows Phone. Sure some Windows Phone 7 devices had it but it wasn’t supported very well but now its back and done right.
  • Nokia maps is taking over Bing maps on all devices. This is great because Nokia maps are awesome. Turn-by-turn directions done right will be native to Windows Phone!
  • NFC technologies and Wallet are being baked into Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. Now sharing is made easy by just tapping two phones together or phone and tablet or even a PC. Also you can put not just your credit cards in your phone, but also your grocery store advantage cards and even your library card. You can even get deals on your phone.
  • And much more… Windows Phone 7.x users won’t be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 and I expected that. The nice thing is we will get and update to Windows Phone 7.8 which will give us the new start screen. This is nice! I know people will be upset, but Microsoft had to do this because current phones aren’t powerful enough. This is better than what I’ve seen Apple do by saying older phones will be able to upgrade to the newer OS but when you do there are performance issues and you can’t do some of the new options. At least Microsoft is being open and saying “we want to give the best experience” and this is the best way to go. Anyway off of my soapbox and back to Windows Phone 8. Similar to Windows 8 on a tablet I would love to get my hands on a Windows Phone 8 device (and can’t wait for the 7.8 update). The new start screen looks really nice and I sometimes wished I could re-size tiles. The one thing I’m still wondering is about Landscape mode. Will the Windows Phone 8 start screen switch to landscape mode if turned? I’m not sure, but I’d love to find out. Other than that Windows Phone 8 is a unique OS because you can use the same Metro apps across Phone, Tablet and PC. They’re baking in a ton of options that you may have to get as apps for other phones right into Windows Phone 8. We saw that in Windows Phone 7.x and its only going to get better with the new version. Microsoft really wants its users to look at phone, tablet and PC as a trinity of Microsoft devices that are must have. I’m saying tablet and PC when I should actually say tablet/PC because with Surface (and hopefully other tablets) you have a unique tablet/laptop hybrid. With SmartGlass for gamers and entertainment nuts, this should be a no brainer as well. Microsoft with Windows Phone 8, Windows 8/RT, Surface, SmartGlass and what ever else they have up their sleeves wants to show everyone that they still have their MOJO. All the components separately might make people shrug, but together they finish the puzzle (at least for me) that shows what Microsoft’s full plan is and I like it. I do think Microsoft is holing back something, what I’m not sure what though. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling before Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 come out Microsoft is going to have another surprise. Even if they don’t I’m pleased with what I see.]]>

    Written by Robert Kegel


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    1. Interesting. I think that i was right to skip all the Windows 7.x devices after my Samsung Omnia 7 has a hardware failure and i have been left with the choice of either buying a WP7.5 (HTC Titan more likely) or a Galaxy Note. I chose the Galaxy Note to have a taste of Android I.C.S and decide if i will keep getting Android device or choose W.P.8 in the future. From my experience with Android, from my short experience with W.P.7, i can clearly say now that i will certainly go for a WP8 device, especially if there is at least one with 5″ screen. I really like the form factor of  the Galaxy Note but i prefer WP to Android, even though W.P.7 was a bit too limited for my tastes. However W.P.7 is faster and signifcantly more reliable than Android I.C.S. It is also more pleasant to use and its people hub is second to none.This said and if i understand the reason why the Metro U.I is used on both smartphones and slates/convertible(especially Surface like devices), i still do not understand the usefulness or the need of Metro on traditionnal laptops (especially desktop replacement), desktops and even worse Servers. Especially as there must have been a prettier/more sophisticated Metro mode for devices who do not require to save battery life such as desktops and Servers. I do not find Metro pretty as it is flat and lack eye candy. Its use on smartphones and slates make sense, but it doesn’t,the way it is, make sense on servers, desktops and desktop replacements. Unless of course if Microsoft and OEM come with a new generation of desktops taylored for the use of touch screen. I think of desktops similar to some of the recent HP TouchSmart all in one though more advanced. With such devices and especially an optional prettier and more sophisticated mode for Metro, Windows 8 will made much more sense for desktops.
      This said, i suspect that Microsoft is slowly but surely encouraging the disappearance of traditionnal desktop to replace them with mobile devices and thin clients coupled with servers for both home and business through either local networks or clouds. For such a strategy to work, the home desktop would either be eliminated or become a kind of multimedia/services hub. And what is expected be a great multimedia/services hub ? The next XBox which is rumored to be both a standalone product or incorporated in other devices.For entreprises, it is a bit more complex but all these pushes toward private clouds are clearly an indication of that this strategy is at work.

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