Windows Phone 8 – Still No SDK widely available?

Windows Phone 8 launch party. Considering Microsoft has a much smaller amount of app developers compared to iOS and Android, you wouldn’t think they would want to anger those who are dedicated to the platform.

Why Take the Risk of Angering Developers?

Microsoft’s official reason is that they don’t want to spoil some of the surprises in Windows Phone 8. Keeping the SDK out of most developers hands means they can control what we get to see prior to the launch. I suppose it makes some sense, but at the risk of angering developers and not providing enough Windows Phone 8 apps out of the gate? The only other thing I can think of is if there is some secret feature to WP8 that will optimize Windows 8 store apps right out the gate and make them work flawlessly. Considering screen size issues and other problems, I doubt that. Still, if they already have 4000+ Windows 8 apps that will work with WP8, that could be one reason why they aren’t so worried. The other possibility is that Microsoft is running into problems with the software development kit, and is trying to keep its problems under wraps. This is possible, but doubtful. What do you think? Why wait so long to give developers the SDK? Are you excited about Windows Phone 8 or does the potential app situation bother you at all?]]>

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