Windows Phone 8 Will Soon Support 1080p Resolution And Quad Core CPUs

No hidden secret that Microsoft is working on a new update for Windows Phone 8 that promises to deliver several new features to its flagship mobile platform.

Redmond’s mobile platform does a lot of things right, it still falters in a few areas — you know, things like increased resolution and support for quad-core ARM processors.

While Windows Blue is being developed to support smaller resolutions and smaller display sizes, things are on an upwards trajectory in the smartphone arena. Larger screens and multi-core processors are on the rise, with several Android devices leading the charge.

A new report over at The Verge suggests that the GDR3 release of Windows Phone 8, scheduled for release before the year is out, will offer support for 1080p screens and quad-core ARM chips from Qualcomm, marking the first time Windows Phone will run on four-core processors.

And no, this update is not part of the Windows Phone Blue initiative, which the report claims is set to see daylight early 2014.

So essentially by the year’s end we could be feasting our eyes on 5-inch devices with large and more pulsating screens supporting full HD resolutions. Currently, Windows Phone 8 is locked at either 1280 by 720 or 1280 by 768 — baffling decision by whoever was in charge.

Several new devices sporting these new improvements and enhancements are said to be out before the holiday season. Speaking of devices, HTC could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

The Taiwanese hardware vendor had plans for a device (codename Zenith) late last year, which was said to be a large screen Windows Phone 8 smartphone. Ultimately though, the plan had to be scrapped as it conflicted with Microsoft’s guideline for the platform.

Luckily, decisions like these are soon set to be relics of the past. Excited? Comment, comment, comment!

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