Windows Phone 9 and Windows 9 Mentioned in Job Listings and More

Windows Blue is where almost all the next-generation Windows focus is at. While Windows Blue isn’t officially confirmed, there have been job postings and other information that pretty much spill the beans.

What about Windows 9? We know there is a Windows 9 coming and there have been a few minor leaks of what could be either Windows 9 or Blue, but what about actual words from Microsoft? Today’s the day.

There are actually two mentions of Windows Phone 9 that have surfaced, and one new mention that could be about Windows 9 or Windows Phone 9, depending.

Windows Phone 9

The first mention comes from a posting for a Bing Software Development Engineer. In the listing there are four responsibilities listed, and it is number four that we really care about:

4. Help automating the test of Deployment of XAP/APPX application from Microsoft Store to Windows Phone 9.

On to the next bit. It seems that iSoftStone claims to have worked on a month long project for Windows Phone 9, related to XAP/APPX applications. Of course this isn’t from Microsoft itself, so take that mention with a grain of salt.

Windows 9?

What about Windows 9? It isn’t a job listing, but we do have a Microsoft employee profile that states said employee is working on Windows 9 OS for Nokia, HTC and Qualcomm devices.

Of course with Nokia, HTC and Qualcomm being listed – she is more than likely talking about Windows Phone 9, right? Hard to say for sure. While that seems somewhat likely, it isn’t the only possibility.

It could be that Windows RT and Windows 9 will both simply be called “Windows 9”. What she is working on might be related instead to the ARM version of Windows 9, and HTC and Nokia could be planning tablets that will work with that platform. Sort of a stretch, I know.

What does all of this mean?

Honestly, it doesn’t seem to mean much. We know Microsoft is working on Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9, common sense tells us that. Having early mentions like this though is a good sign.

Once Microsoft and partners start publicly mentioning Microsoft’s next OS – even if inadvertently – it is a sign that we are that much closer to concrete information and news about the next OS.

It is still way to early to say when we should look forward to Windows 9, though. It really depends on what Microsoft is planning with Windows Blue and any other future “incremental” updates they have up their sleeves.

If I was a betting man, I’d say that two years is the shortest period of time for a release of Windows 9, with 3-4 years the more likely target. What do you think, when will we see Windows 9?

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