Windows Phone 9 Said To Be A Major New Redesign, A Complete Overhaul

Windows Phone 9 Said To Be A Major New Redesign, A Complete Overhaul

When it rains, it pours. Along with polishing up Windows Phone 8 with several new enhancements, Redmond is said to be also working on Windows Phone 9, the next major release of the mobile platform.

But just as the rumors about Windows 9 suggested an overhaul, the mobile operating system is also seemingly getting a completely new major redesign.

Redmond is heading back to the drawing board with the new upcoming flavor of the mobile OS, and the latest is that Windows Phone 9 is being developed from the grounds up — a strategy similar to the one Microsoft employed when it moved from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone three years ago.

A recent article suggests that Microsoft is also considering a new user interface for the upcoming software, which could find itself on mobile devices in a couple of years.

No specifics on what this rumored UI redesign would include have been provided. But there is a distinct possibility that it could be a fair bit different to the Metro UI that is currently deployed on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Word is that Microsoft has just started work on the new user interface — and it is to be ready for deployment sometime in 2015.

Interestingly, it appears that the interface will be designed to be cross-platform compatible for both smartphones and tablet PCs. But then again, a move like this was pretty much expected given Microsoft’s recent focus to bring the two platforms (Windows and Windows Phone) closer together.

Needless to say, take these rumors with a grain of salt. Microsoft is not confirming or denying any of these reports anytime soon, considering how far away we are from Windows Phone 9 at the moment.

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