Windows Phone Blue: Bing Speech Features to Be A Big Focus?

So we’ve already seen the Windows Blue Freshpaint demo and even heard whispers about the Server version of Blue, but what about Windows Phone Blue? It seems that after the Freshpaint demo was over, Microsoft had a few things to say about Windows Phone Blue as well.

It seems that part of the focus of Windows Phone Blue will be the new Bing app that allows word error rate reduction, reduction in latency for speech requests and much more. In other words, the biggest change to Windows Phone Blue might be speech related. This falls in line with previous ideas that Bing would play a stronger role with Windows Phone Blue.

So far that’s all the semi-concrete information we have out there for Windows Phone Blue, but we can point out to a few likely features we’ll see in Phone Blue. If we had to take a guess, you can probably expect more customizable tile sizes, background customizations and more.

The biggest change I’m personally hoping for is unification of stores, though. There has been several rumors – though little reveal evidence – that seem to point to the idea that Windows Phone store might be going the way of the dodo. Instead, Windows Phone Blue users might have access to Windows Store. That’s right, all Windows Blue apps (for phone or tablet) would share the same store-front just like in Google Play and Apple’s AppStore.

What else do you hope to see with Windows Blue? Share your thoughts below.

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