Windows Phone Blue Screenshots Leak, Show The Notification Center

One of the long requested features for Windows Phone seems like it could finally be coming to the mobile platform, a new set of screenshots that have recently emerged reveal.

It appears that the Windows Phone Blue update could finally bring a notification center to the platform.

Microsoft obviously confirmed a little while back that such a feature was planned for the current version of its increasingly popular mobile platform. Developers just could not find enough time to include it in the final flavor of Windows Phone 8.

But users could soon be enjoying this important feature in the near future.

These new screenshots actually come from a lost Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone that was running an early version of Windows Phone Blue. It landed in the hands of a Reddit user who bought it on eBay.  Apparently a tester lost the smartphone in a bus — and the finder decided to sell it off.

In the end, the smartphone was recovered by Microsoft, as The Verge notes.

Redmond contacted the Reddit user and claimed the smartphone back, but not before reimbursing him for the cost of the device along with a replacement handset.

Anyway, the screenshots posted by the use show Windows Phone Blue to be in early stages of development, and changes are obviously expected before the final release of the mobile OS arrives. The upgrade is scheduled to go live sometime later this year, or early 2014.

The screenshots feature the Windows Phone Blue build 12084.WPMAIN(wpbldlab).20130509-1407, which was reportedly compiled on May 9.

But they provide us with our first look at the in-development notification center, along with several other enhancements like multitasking improvements that easily allow users to close apps, better usability of the app view and the ability to sort applications by name as well as frequency.

How do you like these upcoming changes? Take to the comment box and share your thoughts.

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