Windows Phone Cellular Download Cap Raised to 50MB

Up until now Windows Phone 8 has had a pretty annoying limitation when it comes to downloading files from a cellular connection: a file size cap. In today’s age of 4G speeds, being relegated to a measly 20MB unless on Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to make a great deal of sense.

For those hoping that Microsoft would realize that a cap should be totally optional, we have bad news, the cap is still there it has just been raised. The new cap is 50MB.

While this is an improvement, for those with unlimited data plans, why shouldn’t they be able to download 100-500MB files with ease even when connected to mobile broadband? Still, it’s hard to look a gift horse in the mouth.

50MB is still more than enough for many small apps and programs, it just limits us from major business and gaming apps that can get as big as 1GB in size. More than likely, the reason caps still exist is because of pressure from carriers, but that’s really not enough of an excuse in my opinion.

It also seems somewhat irronic that many people can stream several gigabytes of video through services like Netflix without an issue, but they can’t do the same with Windows Phone Store downloads?

What do you think of this change, should the cap be eliminated altogether (or made optional) or do you feel that the cap is a good idea?

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