Windows Phone Enjoys 10% Market Share In Some Markets

Not everyone is noticing, but Windows Phone has slowly been racking up other mobile platforms while raking up its own market share. Sure, not as much in the important markets like US and China, but still.

Microsoft, with its trusted ally Nokia, has been slowly and surely promoting its mobile platform and the results have started to show. It has started to gain some much needed ground in the smartphone market, though obviously, there is a long way to go.

But new numbers reveal that in several countries it is already selling better than BlackBerry and iPhone, no mean feat. Encouraging signs, indeed!

The software titan in a recent blog post shared the good news. Frank Shaw, the corporate vice president of Corporate Communications at Microsoft said that the mobile OS has managed to top 10 percent market share in some countries:

“While we’re still in early days, the numbers are encouraging. There are new PCs and tablets in market and great apps in the Windows Store, with new ones coming every day. Windows Phone has reached 10 percent market share in a number of countries, and according to IDC’s latest report, has shipped more than Blackberry in 26 markets and more than iPhone in seven.”

The mobile operating system still has a lot of ground to cover in many global markets, but as said above, Microsoft knows that these are still early days.

A year or two more and the outlook could very well be radically different — at least that is what Microsoft and its mobile partners would be hoping for. Android and friends could be in for some ride.

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