Windows Phone European Market Share Crosses The 10% Mark

No looking back now? Fingers crossed. Windows Phone European market share simply keeps on growing, and the latest data from Kantar shows that the platform has become a much more popular choice in the Old Continent.

Slowly and steadily, as the saying goes.

The numbers reveal a welcome increase of 0.9% in the three month period ending February 2015, and the total market share of the platform in Europe now stands at 10.1%.

This, obviously, is more than good enough for it to stand as the third most popular mobile OS in the region behind Android and iOS. Microsoft still has a long way to go to catch its competitors, as they have shares of 67.6% and 20.9% respectively over there.

Another equally engaging story here is that Android has actually dipped by 2.9% in this period.

At the same time some very big increases were witnessed by Windows Phone in some of the bigger countries like France, where it was up 5.9% to end up at 14.2%.

The year-on-year comparison is also positive 4.3% in Australia where Microsoft’s platform now has 9.3% to its name. The primary reason cited for these increases is the introduction of new hardware powered by Windows Phone.

Plus there’s also the fact that Microsoft is focusing on the low end side of things, with several entry level and midrange devices to compete directly with Android.

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