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Windows Phone finds new allies in Verizon and ATT

Written by Onuora Amobi


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  1. Verizon and AT&T do not have a choice. With the coming of W8 it is expected that WP will get a real boost. Missing out on this boom will leave them out of the play, with especially PC vendors profiting from W8 (PC, tablets and phones). Furthermore I think they are afraid of Microsoft. With the acquisition of Skype Microsoft will be able to give enterprises and consumers the possibility to make VOIP calls, costing callers next to nothing. AT&T and Verizon see Microsoft as a threat and don’t have a choice but to join the Windows bandwagon. AT&T was never enthousiastic about Microsofts Skype acquisition. Microsoft will bide it’s time for now, but once Skype grows to more than a few billion users worldwide across all devices, Microsoft will surely build out the possibility to become a full fledged Telecom company, able to compete with AT&T on a world scale. W8 already is developed with Skype capabilities to call directly from one computer to the other or across devices. Investments in integrating Skype and Linc means the enterprise world will be dominated by Skype-Linc. M
    MS Tellco is coming.

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