Windows Phone Gains Market Share In South Africa

report reveals, while Windows Phone is still behind in the charts, it is making steady progress and Microsoft’s mobile operating system is gaining more and more fans. BlackBerry currently tops this list, with Vodacom revealing that it is loaded on more than 2.9 million devices on the network as of June 2014. But these figures were 3.1 million last September. Android is in second place with figures of 2.56 million. Apple iOS also grew to an install base of 785,000 in March this year, up from the count of 650,000 devices, but surprisingly declined by a substantial 10,000 as people moved to other platforms. The carrier says that Windows Phone started its ascendency during this time frame, and is posed for even more growth now with the release of Windows Phone 8.1 and the accompanying devices that are set to arrive with this new platform update. A trend that is quite in line with the rest of the world, one might say. Good going for Microsoft.]]>

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