Windows Phone GDR2 Will Bring Faster WiFi Hotspot Discovery

Microsoft is currently applying finishing touches to the new flavor of its Windows Phone operating system. The GDR2 update is expected to arrive sometime in July, and is said to bring several enhancements to the mobile platform.

One of the improvements is that the new version will make it easier for users to discover open WiFi hotspots nearby. It should also deliver data savings to all of them.

According to WMPowerUser, this new feature is part of Datasense, which of course is available to Windows Phone 8 users on the Verizon network.

But it should land on all other devices with the GDR2 update.

Users will be able to keep an eye on the data usage of their device, along with the information on applications that consume the most data. This is best described in the feature itself as:

“This feature finds more efficient ways to use mobile data and displays your usage. For example, some data will download only when you are connected to WiFi.”

The Windows Phone GDR2 (General Distribution Release) is the second of three planned releases before a refreshed version codenamed Windows Blue becomes available. July is widely expected as the release date of GDR2, while GDR3 should follow later this year.

That being said, while some are optimistically projecting Windows Phone Blue to hit general availability towards the years’ end, it is looking increasingly likely that Microsoft may delay it to early next year.

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