Windows Phone Grows 119% Year On Year In Q1 2014

statistics hinted that Windows Phone actually slowed down its growth on a quarterly basis, ABI Research says that the platform also managed a positive showing here. A 16 percent increase in Q1 2014 versus Q4 2013 may not be immense, but it is noticeable. The report also talks about how sales of basic mobile phones fell in this time frame, and amusingly, Google reaped all the benefits. In the words of Nick Spencer, senior practice director, mobile devices:

“Interestingly, basic mobile phones lost 5% market share and Android picked up almost all of these users, suggesting Android is set to gain almost all of the billions of mobile subscribers still upgrading to smartphones.”
Speaking of which, Android solidified its dominant status among mobile operating systems, with a massive 80 percent market share. Some 300 million Android smartphones shipped in the first quarter of this year, a massive number by any count in three months. And although Apple sales grew by 17 percent, iOS only managed 10 percent of total shipments. The report caps it off by mentioning how Windows Phone is currently the only viable third ecosystem, after BlackBerry faded on all fronts, and Firefox is yet to make any significant impact, owning to its status as an overly affordable platform.]]>

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