Windows Phone Is Now The Third Largest Mobile Platform In The US

File this under statistics that are plain obvious. For what seemed like ages, Microsoft mobile operating systems (Windows Mobile and Windows Phone) had to contend with an insubstantial market share, not just in the United States market, but all over the world.

But now things are finally changing, as a new report shows that Microsoft’s mobile platform has finally overtaken Blackberry smartphones to become the third biggest mobile OS in the United States in the fourth quarter of last year. This is the first time since 2006 this has happened.

The report is actually a paid download from research firm Strategy Analytics, bummer!

But all the same, it is not exactly a shock to hear that Windows Phone has overtaken BlackBerry in the United States, considering all the devices that made their way to the market that were powered by Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

All the while RIM (now BlackBerry) has leaked market share almost violently.

Nokia has found impressive success with its Lumia line of smartphones (above all last November with the release of the Lumia 920), and HTC has always been in the picture along with Samsung.

The big question here, however, is how long will this situation last? BlackBerry has already played its cards with its Z10 smartphone that is driven by the company’s BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system. The smartphone is reportedly set to launch in the United States sometimes in mid-March.

The Z10 has reportedly seen good numbers in the United Kingdom.

But the UK has traditionally been a stronghold for BlackBerry, and sales there may not be the best way to predict how the smartphone will perform in the United States, or even other markets.

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