Windows Phone Market Share Falls To 0% In Japan

Say, what’s new? Surely not the decline that the Windows Phone platform is going through these days. The latest numbers from Kantar for the month are in, and they paint the same old story.

This is specific data for the three-month period ending May 2017.

And it shows that Microsoft’s mobile OS dropped nearly everywhere.

With one rather surprising exception.


Windows phones put up a very good, very unexpected showing in this particular market, somehow increasing their market share from 0.4% to 0.6%. Nothing to write home about, this, but it does make for some peculiar reading in the charts.

Which you can actually take a look at right below:

UK was where the platform registered the biggest drop, losing a share of no less than 3.7%. Another interesting highlight right now is Japan, where Windows Phone has 0% to its name currently. This is, again, somewhat surprising, considering the showing the mobile OS usually put up here.

And the range of new handsets that Japanese companies launched, in what is a very Windows friendly market overall.

Overall in the EU5 region, Windows Phone saw its market share decline from 2.8% to 1.8% in this latest reading, which has pretty much been the story of the year for the platform.

Be interesting to know what kind of magic Microsoft pulls of, if it manages to reverse these fortunes.

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