Windows Phone Market Share In Poland Is An Impressive 16 Percent

Guess what the smartphone users in Poland have taken a fancy to. If your answer is Windows Phone, then give yourself a gentle pat on the back. Microsoft’s mobile platform has enjoyed some inspiring success in this East European country.

As a matter of pure fact, Windows Phone devices on the whole have made some striking strides when it comes to market share. Sales gains and increased demand has been recorded all over the world.

Save for some big markets like the US and China, where Microsoft only has single digit market share.

But when you are talking double digit numbers, you will not find markets better than Poland, where Microsoft enjoys a 16.3 market share. In fact, Eastern Europe as a whole is nearing the double digit milestone with 7.8 percent of smartphone owners said to be using a Windows Phone product.

These statistics, shared by, suggest that this strong showing by Poland is enough to land it as the country with the most Windows Phone users in the world.

And it is not just the user base that is impressive, Windows Phone app development is also very strong in the country. There are at least 15,000 registered app developers in Poland for Microsoft’s mobile OS, and they upload as many as 250 apps to the Windows Store each month.

The reason for this remarkable success is that residents in the country have historically loved Nokia phones. The number one best-selling Windows phone in Poland is the Nokia Lumia 610, powered by Windows Phone 7.8.

The hardware vendor has also launched some big marketing campaigns in the region, and partnered with local carriers to subsidize the price of its smartphones.

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