Windows Phone Nudges Ahead Just A Little In The US

statistics provided by comScore for the United States show that Microsoft’s platform posted a slight increase in August 2014. An increase of 0.1% from May 2014 to end up with 3.5% overall. comScore US Mobile August 2014 Old figures, but we’ll take them as they come. Android is still the most dominant platform in the United States, and has a market share of 52% in the country, down 0.1 percent from May 2014. Apple’s iOS, on the other hand, upped its share by 0.1 percent to end up with 42%. Microsoft is trying to counter the Android dominance with highly affordable Windows Phone devices, such as the Lumia 530, which just launched stateside recently for only $69. Word is that Redmond is also preparing a $50 Windows Phone handset, but no concrete information is available on this as of right now.]]>

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