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Windows Phone Officially Lowers Its Minimum Requirements

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Written by Andrew Grush


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  1. I think it is definitely a good thing to lower the requirements. Android has a lot of daily activations. this move by Microsoft can position them to overtake Apple in the long run.

  2. why compete against android???? can’t they just join the party?
    can’t they make wp7 a big modified android  and then let the users choose whether to be safe with their windows store (like now) or be more open and “risky”  and in addition to that store also integrate in the google apps store?
    think about it… the perfect system… wp7’s simple interface together with apk compatibly!
    wp7 will rock the world with that kinda approach!
    and then we all say good bye apple!

  3. Microsoft realised already with vista years ago that high req was a bad idea… the win7 req are lower than xp, and personally, I dualboot my desktop win7/win8, on win7 I cant run battlefield 3, but it runs when I boot in win8 on the same machine.
    I am thrilled to see this tradition being carried on to the windows phone, and I hope it leads to more powerfull apps, and hopefully longer battery time!.

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