Windows Phone On Track To Double Its Market Share By 2018

forecast published by International Data Corporation. IDC does not predict any major changes (or upsets) in the next 3 to 4 years, and both leading platforms will not suffer any major variations. idc_mobile_forecast_2018_a But Microsoft’s very own mobile operating system is poised to post significant growth in the next couple of years, effectively doubling its market share by 2018 if all goes according to plan. Provided Windows Phone keeps up the momentum, it is expected to grow 29.5% this year, compared to 2013. Total shipments? Some 43.3 million units. Luckily, this is only the beginning. Next year sales of Windows Phone handsets could reach 65.9 million handsets, and by 2018 this figure could well rise to 115.3 million smartphones. Still, that might only be enough for a 6.4% market share overall, which is still better than the 3.5% the platform currently has to its name. The big loser here? Why, Android, of course. Google’s platform, IDC forecasts, will drop from the highs of 80.2% this year to 77.6% in 2018. Which in the grand scheme of thing, means nothing. Not when you have over 1.8 billion devices shipping each year. Crazy.]]>

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