Windows Phone Posts Slight Growth In The US, comScore

About as refreshing a statement one can expect to hear in these circumstances. Windows Phone has had it very tough on home turf, and its US market share has barely improved.

In fact, it had been spiraling down with each passing month this past couple of years.

However, Microsoft’s mobile platform, along with Android were the two winners in the US market during the 3 months period ending February 2015 — that is according to data revealed by comScore, the market research firm.

The regularly posted monthly figures show slight gains for Android and Windows Phone, coming in at barely noticeable 0.2% and 0.1% respectively.

Apple and BlackBerry were on the opposite end of the spectrum, losing 0.1% and 0.2% respectively.

comScore Mobile February 2015

According to comScore, some 3.5% of US smartphones are now powered by Microsoft’s platform. Google, of course, leads the way with 52.6% and Apple is in second place with 41.7%. Things haven’t changed much, then.

Out of a total 186.3 million subscribers, around 6.5 million are now using Windows Phone. The Android user base comes in at 98 million and 78 million own an iPhone in the US.

This 0.1% increase for Windows Phone translates to some 200,000 new subscribers from the three months ending November 2014, but it is still a slight drop from the 3.6% reported last month.

But one can say that’s perfectly normal when considering there just aren’t that many new Windows Phone handsets to buy in the region — at least in the mid to upper tiers.

These numbers may mean very little in the grand scheme of things, but growth is growth, as they say.

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