Windows Phone Said To Make Up 4% Of App Downloads In 2013

A small and humble number, but then again, it is just a prediction. And while Microsoft may be promoting the success of its Windows Phone app repository, the increased reach of other platforms make them too far outside reach.

Technology market intelligence firm ABI Research has put up a press release with the prediction that 2013 could witness a total of 56 billion app downloads — mindboggling, mind-numbing, or both. You be the judge.

Expectedly, Android apps will make the take up the majority of downloads, at no less than 58 percent, while iOS downloads will claim 33 percent. According to the firm, Windows Phone app downloads will only make up 4 percent of app downloads for smartphones.

App downloads for BlackBerry on the other hand, are even less at a mere 3 percent.

The situation isn’t all that different on the tablet front either — the firm predicts that 14 billion tablet specific apps will be downloaded this year, with iPad leading the front with 75 percent. Android tablet will only account for 17 percent of app downloads, with Kindle Fire slates making up 4 percent of them.

Windows based tablets will claim their position at 2 percent.

One thing the Windows Phone store has going for itself is the overall quality of apps available for the mobile platform — you don’t quite see wallpapers and screen personalization software masquerading as apps. This particular characteristic is one that sets it apart from other mobile app stores.

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