Windows Phone Sees Massive Growth At The Expense Of iOS And BlackBerry

statistics for the three month period ending December 2013 show that the Windows Phone platform has seen massive growth across the board in almost all markets. Nokia practically owns the market here, and its success is synonymous with the platform. Of particular interest is Europe, where Microsoft’s mobile operating system help itself to double digit figures in the final three months of the year that just ended. This puts it almost double the figure Windows Phone accounted for in 2012, with a 5.6 percent market share in the Old Continent. Other markets have also seen growth, but at the same time, Redmond still a lot of work to do, now that it has acquired Nokia’s devices and services division. For instance, it still has a lot of ground to cover in two of the most vitally important markets, US and China, as is evident from the chart below: Android, for instance, managed to increase its presence in both these countries, and Google’s operating system now enjoys a 51 percent share in the United States. China and Europe are also comfortably converted, with 78 percent and 68 percent. But perhaps most interesting are the bits that both iOS and BlackBerry have been leaking market share. In fact, the latter is actually fast becoming obsolete in terms of hardware sales. Apple still has some things going for it, and with rumors of new iPhone models (one of them a phablet) starting to make rounds, it just might get back to even footing with large screen Android and Windows Phone handsets later this year. Microsoft, however, needs to diversify the Windows Phone platform as much as it can, both on the low and high ends of the spectrum. So far so good, but things just have to heat up before this year is out.]]>

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